About us

Shoal is an independent co-operative of writers and researchers

We produce news articles, investigations, analysis and theory-based writing as a contribution to, and a resource for, movements that are attempting to bring about social, political and environmental change.

Underpinning our writing is the desire to foster grassroots resistance to capitalism, by exposing the social misery caused by economic exploitation, the ecological destruction inflicted in the interest of making profit for the few and the misery caused by the unending wars, fought to control people and the natural world.

We explore and promote progressive, democratic alternatives to dominant current economic and social structures. We want to work with people on the front line of struggles around the world and amplify their stories.

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You can contact Shoal Collective on info[at]shoalcollective.org
Follow us on Twitter @ShoalCollective or @CorpOccupation (Palestine work)

Current projects

The Corporate Occupation of Palestine

In 2018 some of our members travelled to Palestine to carry out research on companies profiting from the occupation, including interviewing people whose homes had been demolished using equipment made by the British company JCB. They also explored the politics of Palestinian movements through interviews with activists.

This work was aligned with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

All of the articles we have published so far can be read at Corporate Occupation

Boycott Turkey

This project examines the financial connections between the Turkish state, the tourist industry, arms trade and products of the country.


Previous projects

Resisting the arms trade

Militarism as one of the key ways in which states are able to open up new markets for capitalism and plunder the Earth, whilst killing and displacing millions. The arms trade enables state militarism to continue, whilst arms companies profit from conflict.

In 2017 we published a series of articles to mobilise resistance to the DPRTE arms fair in Cardiff (in March) and the DSEI arms fair in London (in September). The series took different angles on why resistance to the fairs was so important and articles were published in around 20 different publications.

A selection of articles from this project:
Civil servants and dodgy arms dealers, for The Acorn
It’s show time for Bristol’s arms industry, for the Bristol Cable
Turkey will buy and sell weapons in London this September, for the Kurdish Question
Aiding And Abetting Erdogan’s Brutality, for the Morning Star
Don’t let the world’s biggest arms fair turn 20, for Red Pepper
Joining up our struggles, for the Animal Justice Project
Calls for Israel’s expulsion from ‘blood stained’ UK arms fair, for the International Media East Media Center
DSEI: A Supermarket for state surveillance and border wars, for openDemocracy
West Papua’s silent genocide, for Red Pepper
The war on Yemen is about capitalism, not sectarianism, for Ceasefire
Saudi’s bombing campaign is destroying my country, Yemen, and Britain is helping them do it, for Ceasefire
‘War starts here, let’s stop it here’: Anger as death-dealers head for London, for Ceasefire
Who is Profiting from Syria?, for The Region
The shame of blood money, for the Morning Star

Why we do what we do

We founded Shoal as a way to mutually support one another and ourselves to produce the kind of work we believe in. As both independent and mainstream media struggle financially, and the demographic of people able to make a career from journalism becomes narrower and narrower, the space for radical, questioning voices that challenge corporate and political power is shrinking. Shoal Collective is our way of contributing to the pool of truly independent media.

Our co-operative works in a non-hierarchical way – we have no bosses and edit each other’s work, making decisions together as a co-operative. We currently have eight members, pay ourselves the same rate per hour and share the work fairly.